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I'm a software developer based in Boston, Massachusetts. My primary focus is iOS development, though I have experience developing in Android and WinRT/UWP as well. I have been developing apps since 2010 and have been working in apps professionally since 2015. My work experience can be found on LinkedIn. My open source contributions can be found on  GitHub and on NPM. I'm currently an iOS developer at Wayfair. Previously, I've worked extensively on React Native apps at  SapientRazorfish  and as a QA engineer at Xamarin.

Outside of programming, I enjoy cooking, baking, pickling, and exploring the City of Boston. I am always working on some game project on the side, though I'm mainly just a hobbyist. You can usually find me in Amory Park in the summer and autumn, or trying to stay warm in the winter.

My full resume can be found here. You can contact me here.